Control Table

Control Table suppliers manufacturers comfortable working space: Each group of workstations can be straight design, table depth is 900mm, table height is 750mm, the
control table suppliers manufacturers
improve the operator's leg room.
Control Table Effective storage space: console cabinet depth of 600mm each group can easily accommodate 2 PC host and 2 power plug row fixed.
Control Table control table suppliers manufacturers
internal lamp line, in the background to the bottom and the bottom of the console has transverse flux long slot, let each power
cord, control table suppliers manufacturers data line and the ground wiring separately, but also provides a double order line, can be strong and weak electricity for control table manufacturers
separately in trough has enough space,According to control table manufaturers suppliers need to install the nearest power socket and a number of information points
to install, reasonable wiring to make the overall line control table suppliers manufacturers layout clean and beautiful.
Perfect heat dissipation effect: using the principle of airflow exchange, there are more heat dissipation holes on the front and
rear steel baffles respectively, and a large space for heat dissipation is reserved at the bottom of the console and the upper
part of the front door to fully ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.
control table manufacturers suppliers material description: the table and two sides of the plate using 25mm thick triamine plate, control able manufacturers adopts 1.5mm high quality
cold-rolled steel plate, the operating tablescreen is made of high quality aluminum alloy profile plate, the side side is
made of triamine plate, the surface of the art treatment.
Control table suppliers manufacturers description: Table height 750mm, aluminum alloy screen height 200mm~300mm, triamine plate thickness 25mm, control table suppliers manufacturers cabinet manufacturers suppliers steel
frame thickness 1.5mm control table manufacturers, steel plate door thickness 1.2mm control table manufacturers.

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