Lab Fume Exhaust Arm


Features of Lab Fume Exhaust Arm :

1.Joint: made of high density polypropylene PP material lab fume exhaust arm , easy to disassemble, restructuring and cleaning.

2.Joint sealing ring: the anti-aging high-density rubber.

3.Articular tension knob: high density PP material lab fume exhaust arm

4.Flow regulating valve: combined with circular connector designed for manual adjustment, through an external valve knob, adjust the angle valve to control into the gas flow.

5.In gas-collecting Hood: PP white/red/transparent lab fume exhaust arm

6.Telescopic tube: ¢ 75mm PVC/PP

7.Joint colour: white/red


Descriptions of lab fume exhaust arm:

1. A four-section telescopic tube, gas-collecting hood, mount, and other components.

2.Lab fume exhaust arm size: ① diameters: ф 75mm; ②the total length (in four sections): 1500mm.

3. Lab fume exhaust arm material: ① tube: PP pipe; ② rotary joint: ③ connecting rod Joint Center: galvanized steel ; ④ support spring: plating zinc steel ⑤ joint gasket: low friction ring rubber gasket; ⑥ articular tension knob: PP; sadly, solar Butterfly;Valves: plastic (outer edge by the soft treatment).

4. Gas-collecting hood of ф 310mm.

5. Exhaust hood ventilation volume is adjustable, you can shut down when not.

6. Surface wind velocity ≥ 0.35 m/s, exhaust 200m3/h.

7. Built-in manual balancing valves, adjustable exhaust flue gas back up and avoid, wrong drug and environmental pollution; the connection parts tight lock fixed, no shaking, has good air tightness;

8.After securing device implementation does not sag requirements, achieve a straightened horizontally.Direction can also ensure not pendulous;

9.Lab fume exhaust arm overall demolition equipment is convenient, easy to clean, non-hygienic dead angle.

Product Details:



1.Professional manufacturer since 1998

2.Factory price with best quality.

3.Fast service and on-time delivery

4.Sample order is available at any time

5.Accept custom order and OEM service

6. pre-sale consulting service, in-sale products follow-up, after-sale technical support and quality assurance.
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