Lab Workbench Countertop

Classification of lab bench:

① According to the function of the laboratory, the experimental table can be divided into: physical experimental table (mainly used for electronic, electrical and physical experiments); Chemical experiment bench (mainly used for organic and inorganic chemistry experiments); Biological experiment table (mainly used for purification of asepsis experiment, such as simple anatomy table, stainless steel operation table, etc.);

(2) According to the structure, it can be divided into: steel and wood structure (composed of steel support frame, box body, table, reagent frame, connectors and auxiliary parts); Steel and wood structure :(composed of steel c-type steel frame, box body, table, reagent frame, connector and auxiliary parts); All steel (box body, steel support, table, reagent rack, connectors, auxiliary components); All wood (consisting of wooden support frame, box body, countertop, reagent frame, connectors and accessories).

③ According to the use, it can be divided into: central experimental platform, side experimental platform, washing experimental platform, corner platform, etc., reagent rack is often on the platform, and with the use of experimental cabinet, experimental bench, etc.

 classification of lab workbench countertop:

Lab workbench countertop :According to the function of the experimental table, it can be divided into: chemical lab workbench countertop table: strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature resistance; 98% resistance to concentrated sulfuric acid; Truthfully core physical and chemical board. Physical experimental table: anti-static, temperature resistance, slip resistance, strong stability; Resistance to 28% sulfuric acid, the surface material is fire-proof board.

  Lab workbench countertop biological experiment table: waterproof, prevent bacteria density; The surface material is stainless steel plate.

 ② According to the lab workbench countertop material can be divided into physical and chemical plate, epoxy resin plate, marble plate and ceramic plate. Physical and chemical board can not directly contact flame, 65% nitric acid, chromic acid, hydrofluoric acid has slight defects, 98% sulfuric acid has defects;

 Epoxy resin lab workbench countertop  is a high polymer material, high temperature resistance (380℃), has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, can be repaired and restored; Marble is generally used for high temperature table, balance table, etc., high temperature resistance, but easy to damage in the process of transportation; Ceramics are more expensive and used less in China. Its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance is extremely excellent.

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