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Stainless Steel Lab Bench ManufaturerQuick Detail1. Stainless Steel Lab Bench Manufacturer Countertop: Acid and alkali resistance,not easy to deform and fade.2.Stainless Steel Lab Bench Manufaturer Cabient: 1mm thickness stainless steel made3.Stainless Steel Lab Bench Manufaturer Drawer: Three section silent rail,aluminum alloy handle,long sevice life.4.Stainless steel Lab Bench Manufaturer Foot: 5mm adjustable foot,nylon or stainless steel material.5. Type: Floor mounted,C-frame or H-frame Structure with cabient.6. Colour: According to requirement of client,it can be customized.
Stainless Steel Lab Bench Manufacturer Description1. SurfaceExperimental solid surface can be all stainless steel plate, (epoxy, phenolic resins, granite, stainless steel countertops, ceramic and other, alternative), color black, gray and white are available for customers to choose.2. CabinetStainless Steel Lab Bench Manufacturer cabinets are made of thick domestic 1.0-1.2MM quality stainless steel plate, precision CNC punch press punching, CNC press brakes, gas shielded welding, polishing processing technology, such as molding, then after the pickling phosphate processing, chemical rust, acid and alkali resistance,ong service life. View, reasonable overall load-bearing, anti-acid corrosion resistance is extremely high.3. Stainless Steel Lab Bench Manufacturer ReagentsStainless Steel glass reagent racks, columns made of high quality 100MM*60MM*2MMstainless steel rectangular hollow production. Layers panel: 10MM thick tempered plate power configurations: waterproof socket ladder-shaped, five-hole special socket, lighting, power switch socket using laboratory safety products. There is dust-proof, splash-proof, waterproof, acid resistant, alkali and other properties.4. Stainless Steel Lab Bench Manufacuturer AccessoriesCabinet body part hinge, hinge: adopts domestic brand DTC hinge 105 and 175 degrees.Part of rails of the Cabinet: can use three mute Guide, adjustable foot combination anchor, with anti-skid, shock, acid and alkali, the advantages of strong loading capacity is more suitable for use in a lab environment.Making Stainless Steel Lab Bench Advantages 1. Our Factory was established in 2010.It has ten years production experience. 2. We have well laser cutting machine and automatic bending machine. 3. We have strong sales team and professional designer in foreign trade. 4. We have professional intallation service and three years warrenty. 5. We will customize product and give the better solution according to your requirement.6.stainless steel lab 6.cabinet with 304#1.0mm stainless steel with a layer of laminates, using the framework of 40*40mmstainless steel welding, professional mould of compositestructure; adjustable screw of M12*50mm stainless steel,the outer cover for an injection molding die, bearing,moisture proof, anti slip, shock absorption, antibacterialand corrosion; according to indoor floor properly adjust thecabinet height; the appearance is beautiful and elegant,humanized design

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