What is a lab cabinet?

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What is a lab cabinet?

Steel frame: Steel frame adopts **40*60mm steel pipe profile, beam adopts 25*50mm steel tube, wall thickness 1.2mm, after pickling phosphating epoxy resin spray corrosion resistant treatment.

Lab cabinet body 16mm thick double veneer melamine decorative panel, 1mm thick **PVC* edge treatment. The plates are cut by intelligent cutting saw, with high precision and no explosive edge. The cabinet body is a disassembly design, with three-in-one fastener connecting the plate parts, easy disassembly and later maintenance, stable structure, good bearing performance.

[Cabinet face] The door and drawer face adopts 17mm thick ** double veneer melamine veneer panel, 2mm thick PVC* edge treatment.

[Pull] Optional: (PVC, aluminum alloy word invisible handle, aluminum alloy bridge handle).

[Guide rail] The drawer slide rails are made of three metal bearing ball type slide rails.

[Hinge chain] Cabinet door hinge is 110° hinge, can withstand more than 100,000 times of opening and closing.

[Steel/wood structure - anchor] Steel nylon adjustable height anchor, has the advantages of non-slip, shock absorption, corrosion resistance, strong load-bearing force * suitable for use in the laboratory environment.

[Gauge] Side table: length m* width 750mm* height 800mm * Table: length m* width 1500mm* height 800mm

Five points of maintenance:

1, do not rotate for a long time in the temperature of more than 135 degrees Celsius environment.

2, do not use sharp sharp hard objects to carve the table.

3, do not expose the experimental platform to open fire, molten metal, metal sparks or direct sunlight for a long time, and can not be used as a cutting surface.

4, the table is recommended to use warm water, acetone or mild cleaning agent, can be used to wash hands or dishes cleaning agent, do not choose the detergent containing abrasive, acid ingredients to avoid damage to the surface. For stubborn stains, hypochlorous acid can be dropped on the surface of the contaminated corrosion resistant physical and chemical board after clean water.

5. The flame of coal gas lamp or alcohol lamp will damage the table, so alcohol lamp or gas lamp must be placed on the tripod for use.

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