How to choose a dental medical cabinet?

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How to choose a  acid alkali resistance dental medical workbench?

Many people are very confused when choosing acid alkali resistance dental medical workbench,

basically relying on imagination, what to think and what to buy. In fact, in clinical use, medical furniture

can not only store medical equipment, but also assist in medical clinical operations, optimize space routes,

and improve the overall efficiency of clinics. To find a suitable professional dental medical cabinet, you need

to choose from four dimensions: clinical use requirements, space use requirements, professional medical

configuration requirements, and cabinet brand cost-effectiveness. Let's take a look below!

Method 1 for the selection of acid alkali resistance dental medical workbench: it is ergonomic and

assists clinical operations.

The oral medical cabinet is an auxiliary device for the doctor's clinical operation. The design must conform to

ergonomics, and the size, shape, and performance must conform to the usage habits of the Chinese. In clinical

use, doctors and nurses can reduce bending and large-scale movements, relieve the fatigue of medical staff, gain

comfort from use, and improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

At the same time, when choosing a acid alkali resistance dental medical workbench, according to the size

specifications of different materials and instruments in the stomatology department, choose the appropriate dental

medical special cabinet and customized cabinet, and configure professional drawer racks that are easy to store, take

out, and place different dental instruments to meet the special dental medical equipment. Scientific and orderly

placement requirements.

The selection method of acid alkali resistance dental medical workbench 2: It meets the clinical control

requirements of the hospital.

As we all know, diseases enter from the mouth, and it is easy to cause cross-infection in oral treatment. Therefore,

when choosing medical cabinets, you should try to use environmentally friendly and chemical-resistant materials to

ensure that the cabinets are both anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fire-proof, mildew-proof, and anti-fungal. Infection, etc.

The dental side cabinet is mainly made of stainless steel, multi-layer solid wood composite board, acrylic, particle board

and marble. Among them, the multi-layer solid wood cabinet has poor weather resistance and is susceptible to moisture

to breed bacteria, which increases the risk of infection. Try not to choose it.

In addition, the process details must also strictly follow the sensor control requirements. Most of the water basins in

conventional dental clinics adopt the splicing process, and the seams are extremely difficult to clean, which is easy to

breed bacteria. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, try to choose side cabinets that are integrally formed with cabinets

and cabinets, which are seamless without dead ends and easy to clean. The faucet connected to the cabinet should also

use automatic induction or foot-controlled water outlet design as much as possible, and the trash can should be a hidden

knee-controlled trash can to avoid cross-infection to the greatest extent.

The three selection methods of dental medical cabinets: medical reserve.

Another function of medical cabinets that cannot be ignored is the function of storage and storage. Different functional spaces

and medical devices have different storage requirements. When choosing, you must choose the appropriate cabinet strictly

according to your needs.

The above is the selection of dental medical cabinets introduced by Guozhijing hospital furniture manufacturers.

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