Steel Chemical Laboratory Workbench

Steel Chemical Laboratory Workbench Product Description:

Our Steel Chemical Laboratory Workbench and workstations are manufactured and designed for many different uses in

laboratory applications due to their durability and task specificity, and are available in a variety of modular and custom options,

including a variety of work surface options such as:

1.High pressure laminate2. Phenolic Resin3.epoxy resin4.Stainless steel5. High-density polyethylene

All chemical laboratory cabinets are constructed of heavy duty 18 gauge cold rolled steel.All basic chemistry lab cabinets feature a

4" toe kick, and the chemistry lab cabinets are 22" deep so utilities such as water, drains, gas, electricity can run behind the chemistry

lab cabinets. Standard hgt is 36", desktop hgt application 30", ADA hgt range is 32" – 34"

Steel Chemical Laboratory Workbench Features:

1.Full frame structure2. SS 5 knuckle hinge3.Cabinets are made of rigid 18g steel4. Removable back panel5. The drawer suspension is a smooth roller bearing construction,6. 100 lb load at full extension7.Heavy duty load capacity slides available, 150 lbs or 200 lbs8. Sink base cabinets available in 30", 36", 42" and 48"9. All sink cabinets come with a 15" high removable back panel ` 7" front panel10. Doors and drawers feature double wall design for secure and quiet closing, with rubber bumpers installed on each door

 Steel Chemical Laboratory Workbench available options:

1. Custom drawers or cabinets2. Housing with cooling fan3. Shock absorption and sound insulation4. Adjustable Leg Options5. Cable management/hose cutout6. Chemically resistant surface7. LDC Weapon Keyboard Pull Out Tray8. Mobile options9. Customized design according to your requirementsIf you need a Steel Chemical Laboratory Workbench, please call our friendly sales department and we'll be happy to help design a

table to suit your needs.